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      Acceleration of Intelligent Manufacturing -- Application of intelligent robot

      Release time:2020-11-20   Browse:2122次

      In recent years, China's manufacturing industry has begun to transform to the automatic production. The production and manufacturing industry has introduced a large number of robots, and the installation of robot automation production lines has become the only way for enterprises to continue to develop.

      According to the command of programming, the robot automatic production line has little or no human intervention, and the operation speed of glass processing automation production line is more stable, and the working time is longer, it is not affected by external factors, and there is no emotion. The upper and lower glass manipulator has high precision through the action set by the program. The automatic loading and unloading manipulator has higher production efficiency and better product quality. In addition to the fixed production and processing rhythm can not be improved, automatic up and down glass plate instead of manual operation, so that the beat can be well controlled, the impact of human factors on the production rhythm is avoided, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

      With intelligent manufacturing as one of the core competitiveness, Feihong safety glass is in the forefront of the industry in promoting the application of intelligent robots. At present, Kawasaki robot has been used in the production line: CNC machining center robot; non printing glass plate robot; screen printing robot; toughening film loading robot, which improves the positioning accuracy and efficiency in the glass production process, and further improves the product quality, At the same time, it reduces the loss in glass processing, reduces the cost and improves the competitiveness of enterprises.

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