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      Feihong Leads New Technology Trend In Glass Industry

      Release time:2020-12-29   Browse:2029次

          Sintered Rock is a very popular new material in the home decoration building materials market. It is made by pressing natural stone and other materials into a fixed thickness plate under high pressure and firing at high temperature. At present, it is widely used in home decoration, furniture and home appliances, but it is more expensive.


      Our company combined with many years of home appliance glass production experience, developed a high temperature printing process toughened glass similar to the appearance effect of rock plate, we call it: rock glass. The appearance of glass is similar to the appearance effect of rock plate. Its surface can have 3D texture, stronger touch feeling and more cost-effeective. It combines the double characteristics of toughened glass performance and sintered rock appearance.


      We believe that rock glass will become an indispensable part of the home appliance glass market. Attached are some pictures of the effect of rock glass. We are looking forward to adding luster to your kitchen, refrigerator, oven and other products.


      For more details, please click "contact us" at the top of the page to start consulting!

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