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      Glass Control Panel

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    1. Title:Glass Control Panel With Screen Printing
    2. Feature:Irregular cutting, UMI printing
    3. Thickness:3-6mm
    4. Min:50*300mm
    5. Max:2770*3660mm
    6. Packaging:Wooden crate
    7. Capacity:8,000,000㎡ annually
    8. Application:Hotel, Intelligent touch screen, backlight panel
    9. Product introduction:

        Tempered glass control panel is tempered glass processed by silkscreen printing, CNC machine and water-jet precise cutting, etc.


        1. Glare proof, safe, protection against scratching and humidity resistant to scratch and humid; 

        2. Never fade;

        3. Different patterns can be printed;

        Specifications processed:

        Thickness: 3.2mm/4mm/5mm/6mm



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